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I am a watercolour artist living in the Isle of Man. Perhaps the best introduction is to try and explain what drives me, so here goes.....

My drive is the desire to express in painting the effect that being out in the open air has on my emotions. I get as much pleasure from a wild stormy day as from a calm, warm sunny day. We get lots of wild days in the Isle of Man - it's a stunningly beautiful island.

I was born by the sea in Ireland, and spent most of my childhood outdoors, regardless of the weather. As a result, I love to be outside, hearing the sounds which nature provides.

To conclude, I might best be described as a man who loves to express his emotions in his paintings.

If you'd like to buy any of the paintings you see here, call me on 07624 493 300 and I'd be happy to talk through the details. Prices range between £185 and £350 for unframed original paintings.