Ronnie Doyle, Watercolour Artist
Ronnie Doyle

Having had art as a subject whilst at secondary school in Dublin in the 60s, it took a back seat once I went into third level education.

I never thought about art as something I wanted to pursue, once I was in business and raising a family. That is not until 2001.

In 2001 whilst on holiday with my wife in Tuscany, the dormant painter was reborn. I was sketching on an envelope the distant skyline of San Gimignano, with it’s historic towers and surrounding olive groves and vinyards. My wife noticed what I was doing, and promptly suggested that I join an art group when we returned to the Isle of Man. I joined the Mannin Art Group, and that became the catalyst.
I was now on an amazing adventure. Little did I realise the exciting times lying ahead.

One thing which I did appreciate from the outset was, that painting would play an important part in my life for evermore. I have always been sponge like when a subject interests me.

I am self-taught. Having said that, I study world famous watercolourists all the time. Amongst many are painters such as, David Curtis, David Bellamy, Trevor Chamberlaine, Josef Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet.
Also from the Isle of Man we have had two world class painters in Archibald Knox and Norman Sayle. These men have also made their mark on me.

Since my rebirth as a painter, I have practised, practised and practised. Every day I either draw or paint something - anything! To me this is not a labour. I am passionate about drawing and painting.

My Style
Best described as LOOSE. I like the brush to be an extension of my arm, and go where it dictates, almost!
In this regard Alvaro Castagnet and Joseph Zbukvic are inspirational! They have a freedom of style, but completely focused on the subject. Nevertheless control is needed.This is what I strive to emulate.
To paint in the loose style, one has to be courageous. I am never afraid to experiment.
I paint with passion, and become completely absorbed in my work. I strive to excite the viewer’s eye.

Subject Matter
Generally I paint landscapes, seascapes, street scenes. Where possible I love to include people. People bring life to a painting.
Light is everything to me. I suppose that Turner is my greatest influence. I have seen several Turner’s. His work never ceases to take my breath away.

Where I paint
I paint outside (En-plein air) whenever possible. That is when I am inspired the most. The atmosphere, weather, sounds and light are most influential. The Isle of Man is superb in this regard. We can have all four seasons in the one day. It is a magical place. The light is amazing.
Alla prima (in one go) is the most satisfying. Re-visiting a piece of work several times can have great results, however if I can paint in one session, so much the better.

I have been lucky enough to undertake many commissions. Naturally one tends to be a little more exacting, in that the principal has a very definite subject and look in mind. Nevertheless I am normally given the freedom to express myself. This is the reason why I was chosen in the first place.

I have three basic rules:
Establish the Golden Triangle
Create a pleasing composition
Create perspective

I always try to make time to do a quick tonal sketch.

My Offerings for You
As well as offering both original paintings and prints for sale, I also run painting classes and workshops.

If you're interested in hearing more about these, or want to discuss something else, either call me on the number shown, email me, or use the form on the Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!